2,4-DB plus MCPA

Tradename : Previously sold as Medicamine by Agchem

This is a mixture of 2,4-DB and MCPA that was formulated to be less damaging to medics than MCPA alone or 2,4-D.

A similar product can be made by mixing equal quantities of 2,4-DB and MCPA. Rates quoted in HerbiGuide are for a 1:1 tank mix. A rate of 1000 mL/ha is equivalent to 500 mL/ha of 2,4-DB(400g/L) plus 500 mL/ha of MCPA amine(500g/L).

See 2,4-DB and MCPA for further information on the individual products.


Water Quality:

Hard water - There may be a slight loss of activity due to ionic bonding in very hard water.

Colloids - Some loss of activity as the amount of clay in the water increases. If it is difficult to see a coin on the bottom of a 10 litre bucket full of water then the water should be cleared or an alternate source found.

pH -Acidic water is usually OK. Highly alkaline water may cause loss of efficacy.


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