2,4-D amine625 plus Diuron900 3:1 tankmix

Rates quoted in HerbiGuide are based on a 3:1 mixture. For example, 1000 mL of the mixture is equivalent to 750 mL of 2,4-D amine 625 plus 250 g of Diuron 900 granules.
See individual components 2,4-D amine 625 and Diuron for more information.
2 PRICE:$6.88/L

3 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 2,4-D 468g/L + diuron 225g/L



2,4-D amine 5002,4-D Amine 500g/L
2,4-D amine 6252,4-D Amine 625g/L
2,4-D amine plus Dicamba2,4-D 333g/L + dicamba 166g/L
2,4-D ester 8002,4-D Ester 800g/L
2,4-D ester plus Garlon2,4-D ester 530g/L + triclopyr 200g/L
2,4-D LV ester2,4-D LV ester 680g/L (or600)
2,4-DB 5002,4-DB 500g/L
2,4-DB plus MCPA2,4-DB 200g/L + MCPA 250g/L
AccessPicloram 120g/L + triclopyr 240g/L
Ametryn 500Ametryn 500g/L
Aminopyralid plus picloram gelAminopyralid 4.47g/L+picloram 44.7g/L
Atrazine 500 FlowableAtrazine 500-600g/L
Atrazine 900 GranulesAtrazine 900g/kg
Atrazine plus SimazineAtrazine 250g/L + simazine 250g/L
BasagranBentazone 480g/L
BetanalPhenmedipham 157g/L
Bromacil 800Bromacil 800g/kg
BromoxynilBromoxynil 200g/L
ChloridazonChloridazon 650g/kg
Cyanazine 900Cyanazine 900g/kg
Dicamba 25 plus MCPA 150Dicamba 25g/L + MCPA 150g/L
Dicamba 500Dicamba 500g/L
Dicamba 700Dicamba 700g/kg (or 750 g/kg)
Dicamba plus MCPADicamba 80g/L + MCPA 340g/L
DiuronDiuron 500g/L
DiuronDiuron 900g/kg
FallowBoss2,4-Damine300g/L +Aminopyralid7.5g/L+picloram75g/L
Forest MixAtrazine 620g/kg + hexazinone 210 g/kg
Forest Mix GranulesAtrazine 150g/kg + hexazinone 50 g/kg
Garlon 600Triclopyr 600g/L (or 755g/L)
Gesagard 500 SCPrometryn 500g/L
GraslanTebuthiuron 200g/kg (or400g/kg or600g/kg)
Grazon ExtraAminopyralid 8g/L+picloram 100g/L+triclopyr 300g/L
HotshotAminopyralid salt 10g/L + fluroxypyr-meptyl 140g/L
IoxynilIoxynil 250g/L
Linuron 500Linuron 500g/L or 500g/kg (or800g/kg)
LontrelClopyralid 300g/L
Lontrel 750Clopyralid 750g/kg
MCPA amineMCPA 500(500-750)g/L
MCPA LVEMCPA LV ester 500g/L
MCPB 400MCPB 400g/L
Metribuzin 750Metribuzin 750g/kg
Metribuzin plus SimazineMetribuzin + simazine
Metribuzin plus TribunilMetribuzin 140g/kg + Methabenzthiazuron 560g/kg
PicloramPicloram 240g/L
Picloram plus TriclopyrPicloram 100g/L + triclopyr 300g/L
Prometryn 900Prometryn 900g/kg
PropanilPropanil 360 g/L (600g/L)
QuincloracQuinclorac 750g/kg (or180or200)
Sencor 480Metribuzin 480g/L
Simazine Flowable 500Simazine 500g/L
Simazine Granules 900Simazine 900g/kg
Starane 200Fluroxypyr 200-400g/L
Terbacil 800Terbacil 800g/kg
TerbuthylazineTerbuthylazine 750 g/kg (or800-875g/kg)
Terbutryn 500Terbutryn 500g/L (or 750g/kg)
Tordon 242MCPA 420g/L + picloram 26g/L
Tordon 75-D2,4-D 300g/L + picloram 75g/L
Tordon DSPicloram amine 100g/L + triclopyr amine 200g/L
Tordon RegrowthMasterAminopyralid 25g/L+picloram100g/L+triclopyr 200g/L
TribunilMethabenzthiazuron 700g/kg
Tri-kombi24D Ester 800g/L + Dicamba 40g/L + Mecoprop 336g/L
VelparHexazinone 750g/kg (or 250g/L)


A post emergence, leaf absorbed with some root absorbtion and slightly residual herbicide applied as spray in water for broad leaved weed control in cereals mainly.
It is one of the few herbicide combinations that is synergistic.
See individual components 2,4-D amine 625 and Diuron for more information.


Hard water - There may be a slight loss of 2,4-D amine activity due to ionic bonding in very hard water.
Colloids - Some loss of 2,4-D amine activity as the amount of clay in the water increases. If it is difficult to see a coin on the bottom of a 10 litre bucket full of water then the water should be cleared or an alternate source found.
pH -Highly alkaline water may cause loss of efficacy.


Zinc sulphate and copper sulphate are antagonistic with 2,4-D amine. This is caused by ionic reactions and results in a significant loss of efficacy. Manganese sulphate and calcium carbonate (lime) have lesser effects.


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