2,4-D amine plus Dicamba

See individual compents 2,4-D amine 500 and Dicamba 500 for more information.
Rates quoted in HerbiGuide are based on a 2:1 mixture. For example, 1000 mL is equivalent to 666 mL of 2,4-D amine plus 333 mL of Dicamba 500 amine.

2 PRICE:$11.62/L

3 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 2,4-D 333g/L + dicamba 166g/L



2,4-D amine 5002,4-D Amine 500g/L
2,4-D amine 6252,4-D Amine 625g/L
2,4-D amine plus Dicamba2,4-D 333g/L + dicamba 166g/L
2,4-D ester 8002,4-D Ester 800g/L
2,4-D ester plus Garlon2,4-D ester 530g/L + triclopyr 200g/L
2,4-D LV ester2,4-D LV ester 680g/L (or600)
2,4-DB 5002,4-DB 500g/L
2,4-DB plus MCPA2,4-DB 200g/L + MCPA 250g/L
AccessPicloram 120g/L + triclopyr 240g/L
Aminopyralid plus picloram gelAminopyralid 4.47g/L+picloram 44.7g/L
Dicamba 25 plus MCPA 150Dicamba 25g/L + MCPA 150g/L
Dicamba 500Dicamba 500g/L
Dicamba 700Dicamba 700g/kg (or 750 g/kg)
Dicamba plus MCPADicamba 80g/L + MCPA 340g/L
FallowBoss2,4-Dam 300g/L+Aminopyralid 7.5g/L+picloram 75g/L
Garlon 600Triclopyr 600g/L (or 755g/L)
Grazon ExtraAminopyralid 8g/L+picloram 100g/L+triclopyr 300g/L
HotshotAminopyralid salt 10g/L + fluroxypyr-meptyl 140g/L
LontrelClopyralid 300g/L
Lontrel 750Clopyralid 750g/kg
MCPA amineMCPA 500-750g/L
MCPA LVEMCPA LV ester 500g/L
MCPB 400MCPB 400g/L
PicloramPicloram 240g/L
Picloram plus TriclopyrPicloram 100g/L + triclopyr 300g/L
QuincloracQuinclorac 750g/kg (or180or200)
Starane 200Fluroxypyr 200-400g/L
Tordon 242MCPA 420g/L + picloram 26g/L
Tordon 75-D2,4-D 300g/L + picloram 75g/L
Tordon DSPicloram amine 100g/L + triclopyr amine 200g/L
Tordon RegrowthMasterAminopyralid 25g/L+picloram100g/L+triclopyr 200g/L
Tri-kombi24D Ester 800g/L + Dicamba 40g/L + Mecoprop 336g/L


A post emergence, leaf absorbed, non residual herbicide applied as spray in water for controlling borad leaved weeds in cereals, grasses and turf.


Hard water - There may be a slight loss of activity due to ionic bonding in very hard water.
Colloids - Some loss of 2,4-D amine activity as the amount of clay in the water increases. If it is difficult to see a coin on the bottom of a 10 litre bucket full of water then the water should be cleared or an alternate source found.
pH -Highly acid or alkaline water may cause loss of efficacy.


Zinc sulphate and copper sulphate are antagonistic with 2,4-D amine. This is caused by ionic reactions and results in a significant loss of efficacy. Manganese sulphate and calcium carbonate (lime) have lesser effects.


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