Affinity plus MCPA

Active Ingredients: Carfentrazone 400g/kg plus MCPA amine 500g/L.

This mix provides broader spectrum weed control at a wider range of growth


It is usually mixed in the ratio of 40-50 g/ha of Affinity plus 500 mL/ha MCPA


Mixing with MCPA ester is usually too damaging to cereals for general use.

See Affinity and MCPA Labels, MSDS or Information for more detailed data.

Affinity Plus is a commercial mix containing 39 g/kg carfentrazone plus 563 g/kg MCPA sodium salt.

4 CHEMICAL GROUP:G and I. Herbicide.

Aryl triazolinone sub group. Inhibitor of protoporphyrinogen oxidase plus disrupters of plant cell growth.


Affinity, Blazer, Goal, Ronstar and hormone herbicides.


A contact, fast acting, translocated, non residual herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals.

Light and temperature dependent. Slower activity at lower temperatures. Often poor weed control at high temperatures.


Trace elements - Compatible with EDTA chelates of copper, manganese and Zinc.

Water Quality:

Hard water - There may be a slight loss of activity due to ionic bonding in very hard water.

Colloids - Some loss of activity as the amount of clay in the water increases. If it is difficult to see a coin on the bottom of a 10 litre bucket full of water then the water should be cleared or an alternate source found.

pH -Acidic water is usually OK. Highly alkaline water may cause loss of efficacy.


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