Amber Post

Previously sold as Amber Post by Syngenta. Not currently available.

Rates quoted in HerbiGuide are for Amber Post.

A mixture equivalent to 1000 grams of Amber Post consists of 1200 mL of Terbutryn 500 plus 27 grams of Logran 750.

3 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Terbutryn 600g/kg + Triasulfuron 20g/kg


3.Formulation : Water Dispersible Granule.
9.Shelf Life :
10.Mixtures Compatibility : Do NOT tank mix with selective grass controllers or other broadleaf herbicides.
11.Registered Crop(s) : * Wheat, Barley: NSW, Vic, WA, SA only * Oats, Triticale: NSW, Vic, WA, SA, Qld.
15.Mode of Action : Early post-emergent.
16.Application Timing : Spray when weeds are in the 4-6 leaf stage.
17.Rate Variations : 250 - 500 g/ha.
18.Rates Selection : Lower rate turnip weed. Higher rate Capeweed, Toad Rush.
20.Effect on Crop : Do NOT apply to Avon, Saia, Cassia varieties and Swan oats in Victoria. Before spraying recently released varieties of oats, growers should seek advice before spraying. Avoid spraying early crops before the onset of the first frosts. Avoid spraying crops from mid-September when spraying temperatures are greater than 22 deg. C, otherwise damage may occur.
21a. Effect on Clover Species : Harmful.
22.Soil Moisture at Application :
MOIST - Best results when soil has been moist since planting.
26.Recommended Water Volume : 50-110 L/ha.
27.Nozzle Type : Flat fan nozzle.
30.Recommended Wetter : Do NOT add any.
31.Other Additives : Not recommended.
32.Rain Fastness : 6 hours.
36.Withholding Period : Do not graze or cut for stock food for 14 days after application.
37.Plant-Back Period : Plant-back 9 months - Barley, Canola, Cereal Rye, Chickpeas, Faba Beans, Field Peas, Lupins, Medics, Oats, Safflower, Sub clover, Triticale, Wheat.
Plant back 14 months - Cotton, Maize, Sorghum, Soybeans, Sunflowers.

Where Amber Post is used on soil types with pH greater than 8 and less than 350 mm of rainfall has occurred since application, further advice should be sought from Ciba regarding crop rotation guidelines, except for wheat, cereal rye, oats, barley and triticale.
38.Spray Tank Clean-Up :
1.Drain system completely. Rinse tank, spray boom and nozzles with clean water for several minutes.
2.Fill tank with clean water and add commercial chlorine bleach (5.2%):1 litre to 200 litres of water. Rinse hoses and spray boom and leave in tank for 15 minutes with agitation, then drain through nozzle
3.To remove traces of chlorine bleach, rinse the tank thoroughly with clean water and flush out through hoses and boom.
39.Other Comments : Do NOT use if any other sulfonylurea herbicide such as Logran or Glean has been used during the current season.


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