Anthracnose Black Spot of Grapes and Roses

Elsinoe ampelina


A fungal disease that starts as brownish black spots on young canes that tends to elongate along the cane and develop sunken centres with raised edges. Flowers and young fruit on affected canes wither and fall. On leaves, spots are initially grey with red rims and become black with age and the centre of the spot may fall out leaving a shot hole. Infected fruit has grey spots with red-brown edges.

Species Affected:

Grapes and Rubus or Rose species. Sultanas appear to be more susceptible than other varieties.

A closely related disease Elsinoe veneta affects raspberries.


Favoured by damp conditions and low temperatures in spring.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Management and Control:

Remove and destroy old fruiting canes and infected young shoots.

Apply fungicides.

Related and Similar Species:




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