Ascochyta Blight of Lentils

Ascochyta lentis


Ascochyta Black Spot of Lentils


A fugal disease of Lentils that appears as black spots on the leaves.

Species Affected:



Favoured by moist conditions

Survives on crop residues.

Spread by infected seed, wind and water splash.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Management and Control:

Plant Lentils more than 500 m from previous crops.

Plant more resistant varieties.

Rotate crops so there is at least 3 years between Lentil crops.

Use seed from a crop that was not infected. Test seed for the disease.

Treat all seed with P-Pickle T, but note that this may fail if more than 12% of seeds are infected.

Apply all foliar fungicide sprays before rain.

Apply first fungicide spray 3-4 weeks after emergence.

Use higher fungicide rates if the disease is observable.

Use fine nozzles at high pressures (4 bar) delivering at least 80 L/ha spray mix.

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