Ascochyta of Chickpeas

Ascochyta rabiei



Species Affected:



Favoured by moist conditions

Survives on crop residues.

Spread by infected seed, wind and water splash.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Management and Control:

Plant Chickpeas more than 500 m from previous crops.

Plant more resistant varieties.

Rotate crops so there is at least 3 years between successive Chickpea crops.

Use seed from a crop that was not infected. Test seed for the disease.

Treat all seed with P-Pickle T.

Apply all foliar fungicide sprays before rain.

Apply first fungicide spray 3-4 weeks after emergence.

Use higher fungicide rates if the disease is observable.

Use fine nozzles at high pressures (4 bar) delivering at least 80 L/ha spray mix.

Mancozeb and chlorothalonil are effective when disease levels are low or undetectable. Chlorothalonil is more effective than mancozeb after the disease is evident.

Disinfect clothes, vehicles and equipment moving between chickpea crops.

Do weed and insect spraying when the crop is dry to reduce spread of the disease if no fungicide is included in the tank mix.

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