Avadex BW

3 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Tri-allate 400g/L as an emulsifiable concentrate.


3. Formulation : Emulsifiable Concentrate

4. Poison Schedule : 5

6. Product Colour : Dark brown liquid.

7. Product Flammability : Combustible.

8. Dangerous Goods Class : 6.1(b), Packaging Group III.

9. Shelf Life : At least 4 years under normal storage conditions.

(When stored under ideal conditions- refer Page 4)

10. Mixtures Compatibility : Glean (chlorsulfuron), Logran (triasulfuron), Trifluralin

11. Registered Crop(s) : Wheat, Barley, Triticale, Oil Seeds, Grain Legumes.

12. Effect of Soil Texture on Herbicide : Excessive levels of trash or clods and poor incorporation will reduce performance.

13. Effect of Soil pH on Herbicide : No effect within range 4.5 - 8.5.

14. Effect of Soil Organic Matter on Herbicide : No effect.

15. Mode of Action : Root and shoot absorption, absorbed mainly by coleoptile of wild oats, inhibiting cell division and affecting cell elongation. Pre-emergent.

17. Rate Variations : One rate only - 2 L/ha in 30 - 100 L water/ha.

19. Crop Damage (Crop Tolerance) : Not relevant.

20. Effect on Crop : Crop thinning may occur, especially under high rainfall conditions following application.

21. Effect on Clover Species : Not applicable.

22. Soil Moisture at Application :

DRY - Herbicide not activated, length of control can be increased up to 13 weeks.

MOIST - Soil moisture required for activity, generally wild oat control for 6-8 weeks.

WATERLOGGED - Can reduce length of control to 6 weeks, can also retard crop emergence and cause some damage.

23. Frost Effects : Not relevant

24. Frost Free Days Required After Application : Not relevant.

25. Effect of Application Water Quality on Herbicide :

Saline Water - No effect.

Soil Colloids - No effect.

26. Recommended Water Volume : 30 - 100 L/ha boom.

27. Nozzle Type : Standard flat fan.

28. Recommended Nozzle Pressure : 200 - 240 kPa (28.6 - 34.8 psi).

30. Recommended Wetter : No wetter needed.

31. Other Additives : Glean, Logran, trifluralin.

32. Rain Fastness : Not relevant.

33. Time Interval Before Effect is Noticed : Not relevant.

35. Effect of Herbicide/Disease Interaction on Crop : Not relevant.

36. Withholding Period : Not applicable.

37. Plant-Back Period : No plant-back period, but if used with trifluralin observe 7 day delay for barley, linseed, triticale, and wheat. Observe plant-back periods for Glean and Logran if tank mixed.

38. Spray Tank Clean-Up : Normal procedures

39. Other Comments : Poor incorporation will adversely affect this chemical, volatilisation from soil will occur at high temperatures unless properly incorporated. Thorough incorporation is essential for best results. Incorporation should be to a depth of 5 cm, which is best achieved by setting the incorporation implement no deeper than 8 cm. Seed is then placed below the treated layer. Adsorbed by soil colloids. Refer to label for specific incorporation details. Does not control surface germinating wild oats add trifluralin, chlorsulfuron or triasulfuron if surface germinating wild oats are expected.

Numbered data from "Crop Herbicide Information"
Courtesy of A.J. Chambers, Vic. Dept of Food & Agric.

Poor results can be expected in zero till systems that conserve large quantities of stubble because of the difficulties of adequate incorporation and absorption of the herbicide onto the stubble.

Incorporate within 6 hours of spraying on soils that are moist at the surface or if rain occurs after spraying. On dry soils incorporation may be delayed up to 24 hours. Avadex is lost to the atmosphere by co-evaporation with water.



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