Barley Stripe of Barley

Pyrenophora graminea


Yellow stripes on the leaf sheath and extending up the blade. These stripes turn dark brown then the leaf dies and the blade splits and frays along the stripes. It usually appears on the second or third leaf of the seedling and subsequent leaves. Heads may be twisted and brown or fail to emerge. Infected plants are stunted and usually don't produce seed.

Infected seed appears normal.

Species Affected:



Transmitted on seed.

It only spreads by wind borne spores infecting nearby plants with developing seed

Infection requires long periods of high humidity and temperatures of 10-330C.

Infection of seedlings by fungus in the seed requires temperatures below 100C.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:


Most common in irrigated Barley.


Management and Control:

Sow resistant varieties. Forrest Barley is susceptible.

Use clean seed.

Use a fungicide seed dressing.

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