Black Point of Wheat

Alternaria species

and occasionally Bipolaris sorokiniana


Dark brown to black tips covering the embryo of the grain usually. Other parts of the grain are occasionally darkened.

Species Affected:

Wheat including Durum.


Caused by weather conditions around grain filling. Previously thought to be a fungus or several species of fungus.

Germination in not normally affected but severely affected seed should be tested.

More common in Durum Wheat.

Black point can also be caused by Ring spot (Drechslera campanulata).

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:


More common in northern NSW and Queensland.


May result in downgrading of grain to a lower quality level.

Management and Control:

Sow resistant varieties.

Use a longer or shorter season variety to avoid poor weather conditions.

Avoid late sowing of long season varieties

Related and Similar Species:




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