Black Spot of Peas

Mycosphaerella pinodes


A fungal disease causing black to purple blotches on leaves, stems and pods. A rot may develop at ground level that girdles and kills the plant

Species Affected:



Favoured by cool, damp weather.
Carried on seed.
Spores are spread by wind.
It is often associated with Ascochyta.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Management and Control:

Use healthy seed.
Do a PreDicta B soil test which is available from SARDI Root Disease Testing Service.
Treat seed with fungicide containing thiram.
Delay planting to a cooler period of the year e.g. Late June rather than May to early June.
Don't plant Peas on areas that have had Peas in the last 3 years or within 500 m of Peas from the previous season.
Plant in well-drained areas. Avoid over watering
Destroy infected crop residues.
Fungicide programs have generally not been very successful.

Related and Similar Species:


(McMaugh, 1985)


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