Bromus species

Family: - Poaceae


This group includes the Brome grasses.

Specific information can be found under:

Brome; Great, (Bromus diandrus)

Brome; Drooping, (Bromus tectorum)

Brome; Madrid, (Bromus madritensis)

Brome; Red, (Bromus rubens)

Brome; Sand, (Bromus arenarius)

Brome; Soft, (Bromus hordeaceus)

Prairie Grass, (Bromus catharticus).


These are annual grasses with branched inflorescences of long and usually prominently long-awned spikelets 2-12 cm long. Several species are now weeds of crops, wasteland and roadsides. Most are native to Europe. They all flower in spring and summer.


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