Brown Leaf Spot of Lupins

Pleiochaeta setosa


Species Affected:



Spread by raindrop splash.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Infection up to the 4 leaf stage may defoliate and kill seedlings.

Management and Control:

Avoid growing Lupins after Lupins.
Usually 2-3 years between Lupin crops is required to contain the disease in most areas.
Retain cereal or grass stubble.
Sow clean seed. Don't use seed from crops with severe pod infection.
Don't plant lupins less than 3 cm deep. Plant at 5 cm unless Rhizoctonia Hypocotyl Rot is expected. Don't plant more than 7 cm deep.
Don't disc plough before planting and don't sow by broadcasting and discing in.
Increase planting rate to 120 kg/ha to compensate for losses.
Provide adequate phosphorous.
Seed treatment with procymidone or iprodione (Rovral) provides partial protection and often reduces seedling leaf drop by 50%.
Encourage good growth to close the Lupin canopy as quickly as possible to reduce infection by raindrop splash.

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