Brown marmorated stink bug - Diagram

Halyomorpha halys

Family: Pentatomidae

Order: Hemiptera

Courtesy Trevor Randal Smith

FIGURES 1-8. Halyomorpha halys, external male genitalia. 1, genital capsule, posterodorsal view; 2, same, posterior view; 3, same, lateral view, phallus in resting position is shown by dotted lines; 4-8, left paramere, different aspects. Scales in mm. Lettering: app = apical process of paramere; blp = basal process of paramere; cs = cuplike sclerite; lam= laminate lobe of paramere; mp = median projection of genital capsule; vif = infolding of ventral rim of genital capsule.
Courtesy Vétek, Gábor; Papp, Veronika; Haltrich, Attila; Rédei, Dávid


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