Trifolium species

Family: Fabaceae.


This group refers to the 35 introduced Clovers. On herbicide labels it usually refers to the annual rather than perennial clovers.
Annual clovers germinate each year, grow, set seed and die. Hare's foot clover may be biennial under good conditions and survive for two years before dying.
Specific information can be found under:
Clover; Arrowleaf,
Clover; Balansa,
Clover; Cluster,
Clover; Crimson,
Clover; Gland,
Clover; Hare's foot,
Clover Shaftal,
Clover; Subterranean,
Clover; Suckling,
Clover; Woolly.

Perennial clovers survive for more than a season and may not re establish well if damaged by weed control measures. Hare's foot clover may act as an annual in harsher environments or will act as a biennial under better conditions. Red clover may act as a biennial or short lived perennial. Alsike Clover is a short lived perennial.
Specific information can be found under:
Clover; Alsike,
Clover; Hare's foot,
Clover; Red,
Clover; White.


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