Clover Scorch

Clover Wilt

Kabatiella caulivora


A fungal disease of Clover that appears in late winter to spring. Affected swards initially appear to be speckled with light coloured leaves due to the fungus attacking the terminal leaflet stalk and causing the leaflet to turn over and show its light underside. As the disease progresses the leaflets wilt and scorch or dry out. Eventually the petiole also dies and the leaflets fall off. It is most apparent in paddocks that have been de-stocked for hay production or on lightly grazed swards.

Species Affected:



Life Cycle:

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Causes major losses of hay production and minor losses in heavily grazed situations.

Management and Control:

Plant resistant varieties. See Disease Susceptibility of Clover Varieties

Apply fungicides in late winter before de-stocking and repeat if necessary.

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