Crown Gall

Agrobacterium species


A bacterial disease causing large, relatively soft lumps on the base of the stem or roots. Galls may appear higher up the stems on plants that have been infected for some time.

Species Affected:

Apples, Blueberry, Dahlia, Grape (often A. rubi), Peach (usually A. rhizogenes), Rose (usually A. rhizogenes), stone fruit (See Crown Gall of Stone Fruit A. tumefaciens).


Lives in soil.

Enters the plant via wounds caused by insects or mechanical damage.

Bacteria are released into the soil when the gall matures.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



If plants are infected when they are young the vascular system is damaged and they are rarely productive.

Management and Control:

Plant material that is free from root or crown galls.

Avoid cultivating or mowing close to the base of trees.

Use No-gall® which are non pathogenic strain of Agrobacterium rhizogenes (isolate K84) for dipping susceptible seedlings, cuttings and roots. This is not effective on the Blueberry strain of Agrobacterium.

Destroy infected young plants.

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