Fire of Tulips

Botrytis tulipae


A fungal disease that cause small brown spots on leaves and flowers. The spots may grow and merge to look like flames licking up the Tulip petals. Stems may also rot. Furry grey hyphal growth may occur on the lesions and produce sclerotia.
Plants growing from infected bulbs are usually pale and stunted.

Species Affected:

Lilies, Tulips.


Sclerotia can survive in the soil or on plant debris for a long time.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Management and Control:

Avoid overhead watering.
Avoid high nitrogen applications.
Rotate to other species.
Remove outer scales of bulbs so they can be inspected and destroy diseased bulbs.
Remove and destroy diseased plants.
Apply fungicides.

Related and Similar Species:


(McMaugh, 1985)


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