Grain Legumes

Fabaceae family

Order - Fabales

Family - Fabaceae


This includes Adzuki Bean, Chickling Vetch or Lathyrus, Chickpea, Common Bean or Navy Bean, Faba Bean, Lablab, Lentil, Lupin, Mung Bean, Pea, Soybean, Common Vetch.

See individual crops for more information.

Taxonomy of Grain Legumes. These are all in the Fabaceae family.

Genus speciesTypeproductCommon names
Cicer arietinumUprightdry seedChickpea, Gram, Desi Chickpea, Kabuli Chickpea
Glycine maxUprightdry seedSoybeans
Lablab purpureus dry seedLablab
Lathyrus sppclimbingdry seedLathyrus, Tangier Pea, (Sweet Pea)
Lens esculentauprightdry seedLentils
Lupinus albusuprightdry seedWhite Lupin
Lupinus angustifoliusuprightdry seedNarrow-leaved Lupin
Lupinus cosentiniiuprightdry seedSandplain Lupin
Lupinus luteusuprightdry seedYellow lupin
Macroptilium atropurpureum  Purple Bean, Siratro
Macroptilium lathyroides  Phasey Bean
Phaseolus coccineusClimbingpodsScarlet Runner Bean
Phaseolus coccineusDwarfpodsScarlet Runner Bean
Phaseolus lunatusClimbinggreen seedSieva Bean, Lima Bean
Phaseolus lunatusDwarfdry seedSieva Bean, Butter Bean
Phaseolus vulgarisclimbingpodsCommon Bean, Climbing French Beans
Phaseolus vulgarisdwarfpodsCommon Bean, Dwarf French Beans, Green, Wax, Bush, Snap, Flageolet Beans
Phaseolus vulgarisdwarfdry seedCommon Bean, Navy Bean, Dried French, Field, Kidney or Haricot Beans
Pisum arvenseclimbingdry seedField Pea
Pisum sativumclimbingpodsPea, Snow pea
Pisum sativumclimbinggreen seedPea, Green Peas, Canning Peas, Freezer Peas
Pisum sativumclimbingdry seedPea, Split Peas
Vicia fabauprightgreen seedFaba Bean, Broad Bean
Vicia fabauprightdry seedFaba Bean, Field Bean, Horse Bean
Vicia faba var. minoruprightdry seedTic Bean
Vicia faba var. minoruprightgreen manureTic Bean
Vicia sativaclimbingdry seedVetch, Tares
Vigna angularis dry seedAdzuki Bean
Vigna radiataclimbingdry seedMung Bean


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