Halo Spot of Barley

Pseudoseptoria stomaticola


White to tan, small, semi-rectangular spots or blotches with a dark brown edge aligned along the veins of the leaf blade. Young lesions are elliptical spots with purple-brown edges. Rows of many tiny black spots or fruiting bodies occur within mature blotches.

Species Affected:

Barley, grasses.


Fruiting bodies survive in residues and release spores when wet.

Spores are spread by raindrop splash form residues to plant and from plant to plant.

More common in cool moist conditions.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Rarely causes economic damage.

Management and Control:

Control is rarely warranted.

Plant resistant varieties or increase time between successive Barley crops if this doesn't reduce overall farm profitability.

Related and Similar Species:

Scald of Barley (Rhynchosporium secalis)



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