Linuron plus MCPA

Rates quoted in HerbiGuide are for a 1:2 tank mix of Linuron 500 plus MCPA amine 500. A rate of 1000 mL of the mix is equivalent to 333 g of Linuron plus 667 mL of MCPA amine 500.

This mixture is synergistic so lower rates of the mixture are just as effective as higher rates of the individual components.

See individual components for further information.



Zinc sulphate and copper sulphate are antagonistic with MCPA amine. This is caused by ionic reactions and results in a significant loss of efficacy. Manganese sulphate and calcium carbonate (lime) have lesser effects.

Water Quality:

Hard water - There may be a slight loss of activity due to ionic bonding in very hard water.

Colloids - Some loss of activity as the amount of clay in the water increases. If it is difficult to see a coin on the bottom of a 10 litre bucket full of water then the water should be cleared or an alternate source found.

pH -Acidic water is usually OK. Highly alkaline water may cause loss of efficacy.


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