Species from the Lepidoptera order

Family: Various

Order: Lepidoptera



Day or night flying.

Colour - Usually dull.

Body - Long hair scales.

Wings - 2 Pairs. Membranous. Hairy. Wing-span up to 200 mm

Mouthparts -

Antennae - 3 segments.

Legs - Broad overlapping scales. Feet (Tarsi) have 5 segments.

Head - Broad overlapping scales. Large rounded compound eyes. Thorax - Broad overlapping scales. 3 segments. Front segment much smaller. Hairy

Abdomen - Broad overlapping scales. 7-11 segments. Spiracles on segments 1-7. Hairy

Egg - Various.

Habits - Can't fly when cold.

Caterpillar -

Colour - various

Body -

Mouthparts - Chewing.

Antennae - Short. 3 segments.

Legs - 5 segments.

Head - Usually Hard.

Thorax - 10-11 segments. Spiracles on segments 1 to 8.

Abdomen -

Habits -

Pupa -


Life Cycle:


Origin and History:



The adult moth rarely causes damage. During dense flights they may physically block air conditioning vents and ducts, radiators, interfere with lights and generally be a nuisance. Various moth caterpillars are major pest of many plants.

Management and Control:

Related Species:

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Similar Species:



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