Pea Aphid

Acyrthosiphon pisum

Family: - Hemiptera

Order: -


Body - 4-5 mm long.

Colour - Light yellow to green.

Legs - 6.

Winged and wingless forms.


Life Cycle:

The pea aphid has numerous generations throughout the year and survive the off season on alternative host plants.


Origin and History:



The pea aphid has a wide host range which extends to most of the legumes; pea, faba beans, sweet pea, clover, vetch, trefoil and leguminous weeds. They feed on leaves, blossom and pods of plants. Heavy infestations are capable of serious damage affecting flowering and pod set. Mature plants become stunted or wilted. Damaged pea pods curl, shrink and only partially fill with peas. In addition to physical damage done to plants by the pea aphid, plants can also be affected by aphid transmitted viruses. These include mosaic viruses of peas, beans and lucerne.

Management and Control:

Insecticides are available for the successful control of the pea aphid and maybe warranted if there is visible damage in 5 to 10 percent of the crop.

Related Species:

Similar Species:


WADA Farmnote No. 7/88 "Insect control in field peas".


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