Powdery Mildew of Strawberries

Sphaerotheca maculans

Oidium species


A fungal disease that most often shows as upward turned leaf margins. This is followed by irregularly shaped, purple blotches often on the main veins on leaves. The leaves feel brittle. Flowers often die before fruit set and immature fruit may remain hard and small and fail to ripen. Fruit that is infected late often has a dull appearance and cracks may appear in the fruit near the stem end. Only occasionally is the characteristic powdery coating produced,

Species Affected:



Favoured by warm, humid conditions.
Spores spread by wind.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:



Infected crops usually produce poorly.

Management and Control:

Destroy diseased plant residues.
Avoid planting in damp shady places.
Apply fungicides.

Related and Similar Species:


(McMaugh, 1985)


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