Red Leather Leaf of Oats

Spermospora avenae


Tan to cream elongated spots with diffuse red brown edges. Infected leaves become leathery and stiff and may be slightly rolled.
Light green, water soaked spots appear initially and enlarge to brown stripes with a yellow halo. As the disease progresses, the stripes merge into brown irregularly shaped blotches. When stripes form on the boot the florets inside may be stained and rotten. Emerged florets may be mottled brown to white and sterile.

Species Affected:



Spread of the disease is quickly stopped by periods of low humidity.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:


It is most severe in the high rainfall areas like the South East of South Australia and Western Districts of Victoria.


Management and Control:

Plant resistant varieties especially in high rainfall areas. See Disease Susceptibility of Oat Varieties.

Related and Similar Species:


(Wallwork, 1992)


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