Black Point of Barley

Alternaria species

and occasionally Bipolaris sorokiniana


Dark brown to black tips covering the embryo of the grain usually. Other parts of the grain are occasionally darkened.

When associated with Spot Blotch more of the grain surface is generally darkened and the grain may be shrivelled.

Species Affected:



Usually occurs when rain falls between flowering and harvest, especially during grain filling.

Often caused by a number of different common fungi that have airborne spores.

Germination in not normally affected but severely affected seed should be tested.

Life Cycle:

Origin and History:


More common in Queensland and northern NSW or areas where rain commonly falls during grain filling.


Grain may be downgraded and is generally not accepted for malting.

Management and Control:

Avoid susceptible varieties. See Disease Susceptibility of Barley Varieties.

Control Spot Blotch of Barley

Avoid late sowing of long season varieties of Barley.

Related and Similar Species:




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