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HerbiGuide  The Pesticide Expert on a Disk

HerbiGuide provides information on weeds, pests and diseases in crops, pastures, horticulture and environmental situations to help you with crop protection decisions. It includes data on over 200 crops, 600 weeds, 100 insects and 250 diseases with solutions drawn from over 1000 herbicide, insecticide and fungicide products, covering some 300 active ingredients. Links within this site provide basic information and descriptions of species and products.

The HerbiGuide computer program comes in three versions.

HerbiGuide App The HerbiGuide App is a simplified version for use on phones and Android phones and tablets.
HerbiGuide Online HerbiGuide Online is the simplified version and available by clicking the Online tab above. It provides simple pesticide solutions and is designed for the occasional user who does not need the power or complexity of the professional CD based Herbiguide program. It is charged on a pay-per-solution basis. If large numbers of solutions are required then the Professional CD version may be a cheaper option.

HerbiGuide Professional The Professional version of HerbiGuide comes on a CD and is installed on the your computer. It provides unlimited pesticide solutions, more complex calcultions such as those required for mixtures, strategies, weather adjusted rates, user prices, compatibilities, economic models and other flexible data. It may be purchased by clicking the Orders & Payments tab or contacting us via the Contact Us tab above.
2014 data released for the CD, online and Android phone app versions.
Includes new and updated pesticide prices, rates, information, labels and MSDSs; and crop, weed, insect and disease descriptions, photographs and diagrams.

HerbiGuide App
Spear Thistle

Cirsium vulgare
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