Training Material

Best Management Practices for Atrazine in Broadacre CropsBest management practices for atrazine in broadacre crops
Common Weeds of Southern AustraliaCommon weeds of Southern Australia
Competitiveness of WeedsCompetitiveness of weeds
Controlling Gorse Seed Banks A paper controlling gorse seed banks
Grass and Broad-Leaved CharactersGrass and broad-leaved characters
Grass Control and IdentificationGrass control and identification
Herbicide tolerance of five young perennial grasses.A paper on the tolerance of winter active ‘Resolute’ tall fescue, summer active ‘Quantum’ tall fescue, tall wheatgrass, Rhodes grass and kikuyu to 11 pre-em and 17 post-em herbicides
Herbicide Tolerance of Natives - Paper A paper on herbicide tolerance of natives
Herbicide Tolerance of Natives - PowerPoint A PowerPoint on herbicide tolerance of natives
HerbiRateAn excel spreadsheet for adjusting rates based on growing conditions
Identification Key for Grass WeedsIdentification key for grass weeds
Invasiveness of PlantsInvasiveness of plants
Skills for Nature ConservationSkills for nature conservation
Susceptibility of Families to HerbicidesA table showing the effects of herbicides on major weed families
Susceptibility of Grassess to HerbicidesA table showing the effects of herbicides on common grass species
Tolerance of Acacia species to herbicides.pdf.A paper on the tolerance of Acacia species to herbicides with dose response curves for glyphosate, clopyralid, flumetsulam and metosulam plus tolerances to gluphosinate, imazamox and iodosulfuron.
Weed control strategies for glyphosate tolerant crops.A paper on the effects of time of application of glyphosate on ryegrass control and dose response curves for glyphosate tolerant canola
Weed ID Course NotesWeed identification course notes
Weed Strategies for NRMsWeed strategies for NRMs
Weed TaxonomyWeed Taxonomy
Wild radish and toad rush control in Cadiz French serradella pastures.A paper providing dose response curves for bromoxynil plus diflufenican, diflufenican plus MCPA, flumetsulam, imazamox,imazethapyr, MCPA amine and pyraflufen on wild radish, toad rush and Cadiz French serradella.
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